23 Recurring Revenue Models

How would you like to get recurring payments every month like clockwork?

What if someone gave you 23 different models you can use to bring recurring revenue? Allow me 5 minutes to tell you all about it, click play:

Is your mouthwatering like mine was when I first learned about it?

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What is the Easy 23?

In the Easy 23 you'll discover twenty three different recurring revenue models.
That's 23 different ways to get people to pay you monthly payments. This is how to actually pull off that illusive “passive income”.

Imagine getting payments every month by providing super low effort stuff. And with 23 different models to choose from, you can build multiple recurring streams with ease.

This course is extremely in depth and he covers a LOT of ground.
Be prepared to take notes and take action.

Bonus #1 – The 48 Hour Golden Ticket

In the 48 Hour Golden Ticket I show you How To Effortlessly Create A $197 Offer In 48 Hours or Less AND Add a $47 Recurring Upsell with Just A Few Paragraphs.

Bonus #2 – The 48 Hour High Ticket

Another one of my courses, How to Create a $2500 High Ticket Offer in 24 Hours or Less.

Ready for that massive passive?

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