Invaluable Resources

First & Foremost, this is a growing post.

There are a number of tools and guides out there, it's easy to get lost. Here's an on-going list of resources I've found to be extremely helpful.

Networking Groups

In a world where there is an overwhelming amount of information, knowing where & who to ask can be life changing. There is nothing more powerful than building relationships in your industry and in life. It should go without saying, do not spam these groups, they have zero tolerance.

Internet Marketing Super Friends
All the major players and new folks alike are in this group. With over 22,000 members it's the biggest on the list but make no mistake… this is not your typical IM spam group. This group is passionately dedicated to helping each other achieve and answering questions. IM Super Friends is absolutely priceless.

Run by Ken Spano, this is another excellent group to get help on internet marketing topics. This group is also full of reputable industry leaders you'll recognize.

The Software Shack
Whether you’re after building a single application, a world-changing SaaS platform or if you’re a dev looking for an exciting new project, this community’s here to help you get ideas, network and share experiences.

Cult of Copy
This is a popular group full of copywriters where you can immerse yourself in the craft of copywriting. That said, be warned, they are very raw and the language there knows no bounds. If you are easily offended, brace yourself.

Matt Bacak's Listbuilding Club
Matt Bacak is widely accepted as the Godfather of listbuilding & email marketing. He has made millions sending emails and basically invented the craft. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Matt for a while and some of the biggest revelations in my business came under his tutelage. This is his listbuilding group with over 18,121 members, he posts in it daily and has for years.

This group is run by eCom Kingpin Travis Patelle. The guy has made millions with physical online. I've met him personally and he really knows his stuff. If you are interested in physical ecommerce this is for you.

Warrior+Plus Official Group
Warrior+Plus is a platform for connecting with affiliate for selling digital information products to the masses, mostly for business related topics only. This is their official group.

JVZoo’s Official FB Group
JVZoo is another great platform for connecting affiliate programs and selling your products. Here's their group.