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In 2012 when my newborn son arrived kicking & screaming, I knew I had to make more money to provide for my family. I scoured long hours looking for that illusive “internet lifestyle”.

I bought product after product. Read email after email. Webinar after webinar. Something just didn't seem right.

Everyone was making money but I must have been in some sort of void.

Then it hit me. It was staring me right in the face the whole time. I couldn't believe it, what turned out to be the magic cure, I had finally realized how to move past my barrier.

The reason I wasn't making money is because I was a consumer.

Of course, we are all consumers… we all buy stuff.

But the thing that held me back is I was only  a consumer. I finally realized that if I want to make a lot of money, I have to no longer be just a consumer, but instead a producer.

The people making the money… they are creating courses, building lists and selling products.

I was happy to hand my money over to them and I did. It's funny now because I rarely have to pay for a digital product as creators typically send me review access (even without asking).

I realized that having a product of my own is an asset and can make money in so many ways.

#1 – The initial profit from the initial sale of the product.

#2 – The profit from any upsells.

#3 – Backend offers ($297-2,997 price points)

#4 – Recurring income (if you tack on monthly billed upsell, like a mastermind)

#5 – I get paid to build a buyer list with affiliate traffic

#6 – Send emails about more products & related affiliate products

I won't lie to you.. I was scared as hell (maybe more excited) on my first product release, but it was a breeze and even went better than I thought. I think I made around $300 on the first one, which was like two grand at the time in my world. I quit my job right after and haven't held one since.


Your chance of success depends on it. Business are built around their products and the communities they support. Without your own products (or services) you are not in business, you are working for someone else's business.

If you don't have any products or services of your own.. get 100% laser focused on making that happen.

If you need help reach out in the comments below. I also have in-depth training on the subject.

Continuing on, I've created this website to act as a liaison for you to the internet marketing world. It can be a dark scary place, a sinkhole for money. I know all the “gurus” and most of the well known people in the industry and I keep a pulse on what's happening.

You'll get the insider look with a trusted confidant.

But you'll have to wait cause this post is done.

See you in the next one.

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