Maximize Your Affiliate Commissions

My very good friend & mentor Barbara Ling  recently took home the trophy for the #2 TOP Affiliate on WarriorPlus for 2017.

That's 2nd place out of thousands!

Why do you care?

Because today she is handing over to you her closely-guarded sale grabbing secrets.

I've been in the affiliate marketing game since 2012 and even I was able to pull several gold nuggets from her 60 page report.

I made a quick video 3 minute video to tell you all about it…

Quite frankly, if you are doing any kind of affiliate marketing, I HIGHLY recommend you don't miss out on Barb's report. It is chock full of gold.

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A few things you'll learn:

Tactic #1.) Promote Quality Products That Have THESE Types of Commissions. And “THIS”… is the thing that delivers to you the most profits for each one of your promotions.

Tactic #2.) Proactively Ask Vendors for THIS … you'll be surprised at how many will say Yes!

Tactic #3.) Do Several Promos with THIS Technique … this is one my favorite ideas… it's helped me win more leaderboards than I can remember!

Tactic #4.) Revisit These Types of Profits and Ask For THIS – Given that many vendors will agree to it… again, you'll see your affiliate marketing profits zoom up.

Tactic #5.) Invest in THIS – Once you have THIS under your belt, you'll find your commissions get increased (sometimes up to 100%).

And finally…

BONUS.) Promote Your Own Goodies Via THIS! This is a very new idea for myself as well… but it does deliver 100% profits to me, so yay.

Plus I'm including my own Bonus Training for You…

–> My complete Email Commission Crusher Training — In this hour and a half private masterclass, I taught my private coaching students my exact promo flow for every affiliate promotion that I want to dominate. Everything is laidout in a mindmap which I review in detail in the training and this process has lead to me winning countless affiliate contests & leaderboards.

–> My top 3 secret bonuses I offer on affiliate promotions that convert like gangbusters —These bonuses are truly unique and when you offer them as a bonus for an affiliate product, your subscribers simply can not resist (btw, I've NEVER seen anyone using these bonuses but me)

–> My proven 6-step magic email sequence — When you send your emails with this content in this order, get ready for an amazing affiliate promotion with very high conversions. I tell you what email to send on what day. This is a process that can be applied to every product you ever promote in any niche.

–> Best times of the day to mail  — The best time of day to mail your list can be different for everyone, but I've gathered the data and reveal the peak times for me to send emails to my list that get the greatest response and sales (this really DOES matter.. I've sent the same email at different times and get HUGE difference)

–> How to create amazing bonuses your customers can't resist — I take pride in offering quality, custom bonus. I'll show you how to create high perceived value bonuses that are easy to make. With this list you'll never run out of bonus ideas.

These bonuses are perfectly in-line with Barb's training and will greatly increase your efforts.

You get everything in my bonus package PLUS Max Affiliate Commissions for just $12.04.

You'll be able to download everything in the WarriorPlus bonus area after purchase.

>> Get My Exclusive Bonuses + Max Affiliate Commissions for just $12.04! (EARLY BIRD Price)


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