The End to All of Your Stress Can Be Solved with Two Ordinary Household Items and About 15-30 Minutes per Day.

I know what it's like to be stressed out.

Your body starts to shiver.

The pressure of time and every golden second vaproizing away in a fleeting glimpse.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

WHAT do you do?!?

You've asked yourself, 1000 times, 1,000,000 times you've questioned your own decisions and reasons for doing the things you've done in life.

It seems that EVERYTHING in the world needs your attention.

If feels like there is an inferno of fires to put out sometimes and you are a lone fireman with a tiny garden hose.

I know because I lived it.

My children suffered because of it.
My entire family fell victim to my shortcomings.

Sometimes alone at night you sit and cry just because it feels like the world is spinning out of control and you don’t know which direction to turn.

I was supposed to be “successful”.
I was supposed to be helping OTHER people to rise up.

But here I stood a completely broken man.

Separated, then Divorced. Two children to witness their parents ripping part.

It’s hard to explain to a 6 year old why mommy and daddy don’t live together anymore.

You lose direction and purpose.

But those same children give me purpose to be a better man.

A better parent. A better role model.

I knew that to change (and change I must) “I” had to be the one to do it.

So I dug.

I clawed and scratched in the dirt as deep as I could to find a way.

I dug and I dug and I knew that if I kept digging deep enough I would find it.

When I couldn’t claw anymore I took out a shovel.
Man I dug. HARD.

Sweat was rolling off my brow in the blazing hot sun.
Pressure boiling from building stress and turmoil.

I dug and dug until the shovel handle broke right in half.

So then I grabbed a pick axe -- and fucking slung that thing like a madman.

I dug through the night with every ounce of energy I had left -- My eyes bleeding from staring at the screen endlessly.

I prayed.. I pleaded.. I begged.

And then I had a realization of sudden terror.

Shivers shot straight up my back as I looked up.

I had dug myself deep, so deep into a hole.

There was no one around.

It was total darkness with deafining silence, nothing but a little pin prick of light from the world above.

There’s no way out. This was it.

It’s funny when you sit at the bottom of a pit, with no hope in sight, in that you have a lot of time to think.

I thought. Deeply. I still think deeply, that is the key to anything --To really THINK.

After what seemed like days of the pin light going in and out a little thought suddenly occurred to me.

I thought for just a moment, maybe there WAS a way.

How did I not think of this before?!?

I still had the pick axe in my hand, but instead of aimlessly digging down, maybe I could dig my way UP!

All I needed to do was to think about “how” I was digging in order to get myself out.

So I started picking at the sides and the rocks would fall to the ground and I would stand on those and pick out more rocks and stack more and stand on those and eventually used the rocks as building blocks get all the way up and out of the hole.

And it then it suddenly occurred to me.

"You know what... I can keep building and climbing!”

So I started to dig again and people around me thought I was crazy!

But instead I took the dirt and the rocks and the boulders and I stacked them up.

I dug and dug and stacked and stacked.

People at first didn’t understand what I was doing.

I dug this giant pit and then started stacking and stacking this endless staircase up through to the clouds and onward.

Everyone was so confused.

Why was he building a staircase from such a deep pit up into the sky?

But then, some of those people tripped and they themselves fell into that very same pit I was in!

My heart went out to them so dearly, I know what the feeling is like.

But then they read this letter they found, that you are reading now, that I left at the bottom of it.

It said, “turn around and look up!”

There I am smiling back down at you.

And as your eyes float back down you will see the staircase I have built for you.

This staircase is the same staircase I used to get out alive and rise up.

Now that you know the story,
let me tell you HOW I did it...

After extensisive self analysis, I realized the biggest key reason I was in the pit.

It was so simple but absolutely vital for every human in modern society.

The aftermath of not having this one thing right is total uncontrolled chaos both in your mind and reflected into your overwhelming life.

Without this one thing you have zero purpose.

Like an arrow shot aimlessly at the sky hoping to land anywhere close to a target that just might happen to be sitting near by.

There was no chance I'd be getting anywhere without it... nor anyone for that matter.

This one discovery lead me figure out how to accomplish every goal set before me, in a strategical, methodical way.

This one realization unlocked everything for me...

Are you ready?

Here it is...

You have no system to apply DAILY,
to actually make the RIGHT choices DAILY,
and ACTIONS -> DAILY, that move the needle towards the things you need and want to accomplish.

Go back and read that again..


My day, every day, had no real plan.

There were of course things I "had" to do like pick up the kids and go to the store, etc. but those things are not goal acheiving actions.

Most of my day was spent "putting out fires".

Wake up, drink coffee, scavange my FB and Twitter & email then it was:

"OK, Whats the biggest problem I have to deal with? what's the next? what's the next?"

Always trying to FIX whatever was broken at the time as it came forth.

Contrast this to a path of focused, methodical path creation, otherwise known as "living life on purpose."

If you #1 -- figure out what your real goals are. The things you truly desire from the raw depths of your individual wants, not what your mom wants, or your wife or husband wants.. not what your friends even more worse off think is best....

...but actually discover what YOU, truly want for yourself in your life...

Then you will be able to #2 -- Make a roadmap for yourself daily that you can use to stay on course and physically make the things you dream about come into fruition by actually DOING it.

But here is the most valuable part of my discovery.

Even more important than the original lesson.

Yes I felt completely disorganized during my day BUT I've had a little success with selling information products online... I kinda tricked myself into thinking that I was on a focused path, on a mission so to speak.

But the reality is most of my life, I had only been "focusing" on ONE or two key categories of my life.

See there are 5 categories to consider in life.

1. Health
2. Wealth
3. Family
4. Relationship
5. Personal

I, like most people, had my main focus was only on 2 things.

1. Weath
2. Family

I focused on trying to make money in my business and trying to spend time with my kids.

That's about all my "focused" effort went to.

The rest was spent on putting out fires.

As such all other areas of my life suffered dearly.

This brings GREAT distraught in your life.

It makes you feel torn and unfullfilled.

You realize you are succeeding in some ways but feel like you are lacking somehow, like something is missing in your life and you can't quite put your finger on it.

Here's the solution...

I discovered that you can use two simple household items to fix everything.

Pen and paper.

You can use them in an extremely strategic and simplified way to make this a reality for you every day for the rest of your life.

Let me explain how it works.

I'm actually not a pen & paper kinda guy to be honest. I prefer to type.

But something amazing happened when I did start to write my Master Page daily.

I fell in love with pen & paper.

There is something electrifying and raw about it.

It alows you to be completely open and honest with yourself (this stuff is YOURS and to remain private, only for you).

The key to filling that void is to create "blocks" for each catagory of your life, and for each one on your paper each day you're gonna write the next step in fulfilling those and you'll tackle each day.

In this way you are improving all aspects of your life DAILY.

With daily, weekly, monthly measurable results.

When you apply this kind of focused energy... everything in your life happens at a much faster accelerated speed.

This is how you see people who appear to have endless time because they accomplish SOOO much, how do they even do it??

It's because they focus their energy on blocks of time and each block of time has a purpose.

Let's put this into practice..

If your current goals look like this, you're in trouble:

1. Wealth - Save 401k, get promoted to manager
2. Personal - Fortnite legendary status
3. Health - Lose some weight (whenever you get time.. never)

There are several problems here.

First, these goals only cover 3 of the 5 categories.

Second, they are not specific and they don't give a time frame. They aren't moving the needle toward anything.

Here's an example of a more productive goal set.

1. Health - Lose 30lbs in 30 days.
2. Wealth - Generate 50k in 60 days w/ new product (only 50 sales of a $1,000 product)
3. Family - Family vacation before end of 2018.
4. Relationship - Romantic weekend trip to nearby town this month.
5. Personal - Buy that boat on craigslist next month with 5 sales of product.

Now we have specific goals in mind with specific time frames and when we start out each day we can create tasks that are action steps towards those goals.

This is easily accomplished by breaking tasks down daily and putting a time frame next to each task..

..for example:

Ø 1. Write sales letter for product - 1 hour
Ø 2. Walk 3 miles around the park - 1 hour
O 3. Book hotel for family vacation - 15 mins
O 4. Call Craigslist guy to look at boat - 15 mins
O 5. Read 2-3 chapters in new book - 30 mins

Pull out your phone, use a timer, go down the list and execute.
Strike off the tasks as you finish them.

Now look at that!

We just took action that got us much physically closer to our desired goals and we are actively improving ALL 5 areas of our life each day.

And you can see we only spent THREE HOURS of our day actually fulfilling our goals.

We even had bonus time to read a book!

When you put this into practice you will be flat out amazed how fast things happen for you.

My system will work for anyone regardless of your age, sex, religion, race or geographic location.

Just as a staircase, I’ve laid this path for you STEP-by-STEP.


Every day is an actionable move forward.
Every hour of your life is on purpose (even if that hour consists of doing “nothing” on purpose).

You will keep a notebook and write in it daily.

Not aimlessly. Each step of the staircase shows you what to write.

This staircase will help you climb out of any hole in your life whether in Health, Wealth, Family, Personal, Relationship using a very specific written process.

I’ve recorded a video series that covers material and excersises with each step laid out for you.

By the end of these modules you will see the entire staircase before you and can then begin to start climbing immediately with the written exercises.

In addition, I’ll be there waiting at the top with my hand extended out.

After you’ve completed all the written exercises, I’ll be waiting on the phone personally to greet you and help you figure out how to build your own staircase up moving forward.

Now my staircase allows you to keep going as high as you want to go already.

But you might have your own style of staircase that you’d like to climb and the good news is, just as with any staircase, you can build just about any kind using the fundamentals of its design, but customize it with your choice of style, color, material and extra functionality.

So on our phone call I’ll help you to really lay out that blueprint that you can start building with (and I won't be trying to sell you anything more).

In addition to me, the other people who are climbing up will be with you here as well, building their own staircases.

In fact, we have our own private little group where we share with each other how to build our staircases faster and better.

You might even find someone that you can partner with to help build your staircase together!

There is one caveat, however.

I found that my staircase is dug so deep that it sometimes captures the attention of gnarly ground trolls.

These trolls like to feed off of others and they love to drag you back down to their level.

Because of this I’ve had to instill a small toll to gain access to my staircase.

I’ve found that while trolls rarely have the concept of money or even what a “USD”" is… even people who’ve fell into holes usually still have a little cash in their pocket to show they are human and are happy to give a token of appreciation for the labor instilled in building this staircase for you.

Also understand that this is a one-way staircase.

You can’t turn around and go back down. This is a bridge burning action to the life you had before and the toll you pay is permanent.

It's a sacrifice and dedication of yourself to start climbing and never stop.

Step after step, never looking back except to see how far that you’ve come and as a motivation to keep climbing even further.

Here's what you're getting:

- Step-by-step modular system that allows you to accomplish anything you want in life and on your own terms, faster than you ever thought possible.

- My hand-holding video training that guides you through the every single step with written & actionable excercises for each module.

- Finally get things done that you've been putting off for years.

- Restore the bond with your family by simply "showing up" on the things you promise.

- Use my exercises to finally discover who you really are, and the raw, carnal desires and aspirations YOU truly want then follow through with the action plan to physically carry out your dreams!

- Climb your way out of any nearly any hole by applying these actionable frameworks to your life daily.

- Uplift all 5 catagories of your life -- Health, Wealth, Personal, Family, Relationship -- all at the same time and enjoy the euphoric results of your effort.

- Get rid of your lack of focus and procrastination forever.


BONUS #1 - Private Group: LIFETIME Access (Normaly $348/yr)

You'll have direct access to me as well as your peers who get access to this course. Have a question, need some insipration or just for fun anytime anywhere, you can pop into the group and we'll be right there waiting for you. I'll be there to remind you and let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

BONUS #2 - Phone Call Strategy Session with Me (Normaly $97/hr)

You'll schedule a time to get on the phone with me for a high impact strategy session. This will allow me to see your specific situation and help you apply the system directly toward your individual needs.

BONUS #2 - The Gold- (Currently sells for $97)

This bonus includes my 2+ hours masterclass where I teach you the "ultimate" and infinitely scalable business model you can start with basically nothing and scale as big and fast as you want in any niche. These principles go beyond your typical "info product" style teaching. Customers paid $97 for access to this course, you get complimentary access today.

Bonuses alone currently sell for a total of: $542

But you won't pay anything close to that today!


Reed Floren


Only 10 More Will Be Sold!

One time fee, everything included, no upsells!





See you at the top!

Jeremy Kennedy

- Jeremy Kennedy





P.S. If you are still reading this you got to stop and come to a sudden realization.

You are still going DOWN.

You're still digging.

Yes there are fears, questions & concerns... but while the path back up is simple.. it's a hard decision to make.

You must STOP bad habits you are accustomed to -- I'll make it easy.

You must STOP living the same way.

You must STOP living in fear in a land of "what ifs".

"What if I can't do it?"

You can't until you do. You CAN do it, one block at a time.

"But it's $97!"

What's the last thing you spent $100 on?

Did it change your life?

Weed doesn't count, that is temporary.

When was the last time you took anything really seriously?

Like full on "no one is stopping me" brute focus and action forward?

Been a while? It's becuase you are still digging.

You're afraid to stop and just take action and begin climbing up.

In all reality the money isn't the issue.

You've been able to find $100 when you want it.

Actually $100 is incredibly easy to make.
I'll show you how in the "Gold" Bonus.
So so so much easier than you think.

But so many times you are scared to spend it on yourself.

You've been fooled into thinking that if you don't use it to pay some debt or buy something for the kids that you are a terrible person for spending it on improving yourself.

Don't get me wrong, I have kids, they gotta eat.

But sometimes we'll drop $100 on just a night out right?

What if you could spend $500 on a night out?

The Gold bonus will show you how to accomplish that and more teaching you the ultimate online business model.

You must stop digging down and realize that you control your life.

YOU get to decide the next steps YOU take.

Not your mother or father or wife or huband.
Only one person controls what you do next.

Only one person can push the button and decide.

Stop digging.

Stop going down.

Click the button and start climbing back up again.







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